Soloing my games collection

I haven’t posted in far too long. It’s been a crazy winter. First I had a new kitchen installed. Then I was preparing for (and finally got) a permanent promotion. And then work has been manic and I seem to be constantly busy (usually with boardgames to be fair).

Last month my little Geek’n’son table finally turned up. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s small – but that’s what I expected as I don’t have a whole lot of space – and it mostly does the job I want it for. I’ve had a couple of people around for games which we’ve managed to squeeze on. I haven’t yet tried out my T games though – I think the boards will completely fill the space.

Anyway, I decided earlier in the year that when the table did turn up I would start soloing my collection. I started on this endeavour a few weeks ago, with the first step being to make sure my BoardGameGeek catalogue is up-to-date (at which point I realised I had a number of games missing… although I’ve located all but Keyforge now). Then I put them in a spreadsheet and listed whether or not they were soloable or not. In total I have a little over 160 games (not including expansions) and 80 of these are soloable. That said, I’m not going to replay Charterstone and while I want to start the Agemonia game solo I don’t think I’ll do that as part of this.

That leaves me with 78 games (plus more on the way I’m sure) to play solo. Every time I solo a game I’ll log it (in my spreadsheet at the very least but hopefully on BGG) and when I’ve played them all I’ll see how many decades it’s taken me. I’ll try to post here as I play them (I have already played a few but that’s a post for another day), and give my verdict of them as a solo experience and probably talk about how terribly I played!

I was originally going to go through alphabetically but I realised I should really just be dictated by my mood at any one time or I may never get through them (and doing all the T games in a row would fry my brain). Wish me luck!

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